Why you should think about video….

Why have a video of your house/hotel/service?

Because NOW is the time for video. Today it is easier than ever before to view and share video with the internet and on social media. Videos can be viewed anywhere and anytime using computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you are selling a property, photos (if they have been done with a reasonable level of expertise) are great BUT a video is better. Video will give prospective buyers the experience of having a ‘walk-thru’ your home. We will shoot the views from each room…from the road to your house….from the garden to the house…and we will even film the village….everything a buyer will need to see, will be there.

Do you have your own website for your property? Do you have a video on there? If not, you are missing a trick….your website is much more likely ( 50 times more likely ) to be found if it has a video. And this goes for businesses too…..for very little outlay you can really get yourself seen and quickly recoup the cost of a short video.

For example, we filmed this video for the Bellissimo Hotel in Lozenets in July 2013. Since then, The video has been viewed 2056 times. They will all be people looking for a hotel….and looking for Lozenets….if just 2 people have booked a room for one night after viewing the video, the initial outlay has been recouped. From over 2000 views though, I think it would be fair to say that probably many more than 2 people have booked this hotel thanks to video.

In addition, the video has also been placed on the Hotel’s own website adding a bit of movement and pushing their site up the Google rankings.

This is the video…..we can do the same for you…..