Welcome to Video Map Bulgaria

Welcome to Video Map Bulgaria, the site is intended as a window into this beautiful and largely undiscovered country. I like the idea of being able to look at a map and see a real life view of the place, it appeals to my need for order and logic.

The site is still under development, so please please forgive the occasional gremlins and please feel free to pass on your feedback in the comments. It is early days for Video Map Bulgaria but our aim is to eventually cover the whole of the country with our own videos and provide an easy and accurate way to locate things to do, and places to stay in Bulgaria.

Another reason for the site, is to cater to the growing number of people who are purchasing property in Bulgaria from places like ebay, without visiting the country and seeing the property first hand. This, to me, is madness and Video Map Bulgaria intends to address this madness by posting accurate videos of property and also of the villages in which they are located.

So, that is the aim, this is the reality, the beginnings of a site which I sincerely hope will prove to be a valuable resource for both the property and tourist markets.

We will start with this video of my adopted city – Plovdiv!!